Herbert Thaler & die Harmony Hotels




One of a kind in the Wildschönau
Herbert Thaler likes to remember his childhood. At the age of six, the young lad already supports his mother at Gasthof Bichlwirt and sniffs into the hotel's atmosphere. Herbert probably inherited the hospitality, diligence and perseverance from his mother; The thirst for more definitely originated from his father's ambitions.


Money shortages & high interest rates 
At the tender age of 28, the intrepid restaurateur lays the foundation stone for today's Harfenwirt. Although the money was tight and the interest rates were astronomically high for today's conditions, with much dedication and commitment, the young entrepreneur eventually succeeded in creating a masterpiece. After just one year of construction, the Hotel Harfenwirt opens its doors.


With his family at his back
Herbert Thaler is not only a passionate gastronome, but also a family man. Together with his siblings - who all work in the business - he manages to build up a small empire in the Wildschönau, and - above all - to continue the great work of their grandparents and parents. Looking into the future is at least as important for them as learning from the past. After all, the companies should be fit for the future and meet the emerging requirements of the future.

Anbauten, Renovierungen, Vergrößerungen: Bauen ist eine der größten Leidenschaften von Herbert Thaler. So hat er in seinem bisherigen Leben unzählige Baustellen geleitet und niemals die "Lust" daran verloren.  Loyale Lieferanten und langjährige Wegbegleiter darauf baut nicht nur Herbert Thaler, sondern auch der Erfolg der Harmony Hotels. 

Additions, renovations, enlargements: Building is one of the greatest passions of Herbert Thaler. So he has led countless construction sites in his life and never lost the pleasure. Loyal suppliers and longtime companions - not only Herbert Thaler, but also the success of the Harmony Hotels build on that. 



The young Herbert Thaler

Youthful, witty & musical

  • 1945 Herbert Thaler is the first of three children to be born
  • 1952 At the age of six, already helping in the parental business
  • 1958 Extension Bichlwirt - Herbert sniffs into the art of building for the first time
  • 1960 8 years elementary school & numerous educations in the gastronomic area
  • 1974 Opening Harfenwirt
  • 1991 An evening with consequences - Herbert meets his future wife
  • 1998 Emily Thaler's birth and purchase of the Hotel Sonnschein
  • 2018 Gill Thaler sadly dies ahead of her time. Daughter Emily joins the company

The third & fourth generation of the Thaler family

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