Regional, fresh & simply delicious

Our kitchen team conjures a culinary smile on your lips ähhh on your palate daily. Three courses, natural taste and regional references make every dinner pleasurable. You will find a selection of salads and raw vegetables at the buffet. We are also happy to fulfil vegetarian wishes and take your requests (lactose- or gluten-free cuisine) into account where possible.



The day is off to a good start.

Breakfast is something special for junior chef Emily. Not only because she enjoys a long breakfast, no, but this start to the holiday also makes the difference, and that's why you can have breakfast with us as much and as long as you want. Simply fantastic without haste or hurry. An excerpt from our offer: 

  • Seasonal and ripe fruit
  • Selection of vegetables and fruit for your fruit juice 
  • Variety of premium teas 
  • Pancakes & breakfast eggs (scrambled eggs only) 
  • Health corner for delicious muesli 
  • Fresh pastries and bread from the region
  • A sweet surprise every day 
  • Lactose and gluten-free products (on request) 

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Three cosy restaurants ensure a pleasant atmosphere!

Regional, freshly prepared & simply delicious

Our kitchen team attaches great importance to the fresh preparation of all dishes with a regional focus. As powerful as the morning begins with an extensive breakfast, your daily enjoyment should also end in the evening with a delicious 4-course menu. Our kitchen team succeeds in this again and again, because cooking is a real passion. Inventiveness begins with the selection and composition of the menus. On top of that, let us spoil you with a good drop of Austrian wine. 

  • Rich salad buffet with a small selection of starters
  • 4-course menu
  • Fine selection of Austrian wines
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