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Our senior - Herbert Thaler, has always been and still is a busy landlord. Of course, only in a positive sense. And so everything came about as it should. It all began for Herbert and Gill Thaler at a fun evening in a hut, and Gill, who came from Great Britain, was on a winter holiday in the Wildschönau. What they found was great love and a blessing for both of them. When Hotel Sonnschein came under the ownership of Harmony Hotels in 1998, she made it what it is today: a home away from home. Dear Gill, we know you are looking after our Sonnschein. Rest in Peace.

Our junior chef or Miss Little Sunshine

Emily Thaler - Host with passion

Our hotel is my home, and the hotel's name has influenced me since my earliest childhood. For me, the hotel is much more than my home; it is a place where many people meet, spend pleasant hours together, laugh, celebrate, relax, and cuddle. The "sunshine smile" is probably a gift that immediately enchants our guests.

What makes me tick?
I love being a hostess, working with people, and creating an atmosphere that makes our guests and staff feel "just like home". Yes, that is my goal, and I have been working towards this for a long time. In the many years at the tourism school and later at the University MCI Innsbruck, I never lost sight of the goal: Namely, to be a hostess with heart and soul, but also to find the balance between work and leisure.

Where do I draw strength?
On the back of my beloved mare, who always grounds and challenges me, at a brunch with friends or funny phone calls with my family, which is spread across the continent but always close.

What makes me happy and satisfied?
When we manage to make you leave our house with a "sunshine smile" and already dreaming of your next holiday.

The Thalers -

Gill and Herbert Thaler with their sunshine Emily

Brigitte Amon - the good soul of the house

Brigitte Amon - the good soul of the house
Yes, those stormy times in the Hotel Sonnschein and Brigitte stood there like a rock in the surf and are now the house's good soul. She is Emily's most outstanding support, and Herbert manages to establish the necessary connection and balance between the young and the experienced. She is a magician, organisational talent and "surrogate mummy" and ensures everyone leaves the house with a smile.  

What makes me tick?
I love organisation and when everything is organised down to the smallest detail. Of course, things can get a bit crazy sometimes, but I never lose sight of the big picture - that's my motto. Especially as a back office professionals, we must advise our guests authentically, as if we were planning the holiday for ourselves.

Where do I draw strength from?
My family, my dog Sunny and precious moments with my family. That distracts me and gives me new thoughts.

What makes me happy?
Praise for our work and when our guests go home satisfied.

Our philosophy

Honest hospitality

Who grows up in the romantic Wildschönau has always been closely connected with the region and its people. For us, the Wildschönau simply is the most beautiful part of Tyrol. That is why we find our support not only in family, but also in the nurture of traditions and the nature around us. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost all family members have taken on a purpose in the Harmony Hotels and incidentally are musical, too. Every new day on which we perform our duty, we want to dedicate ourselves to your well-being in our hotels and to making your stay nicer with small gestures: e.g a radiant smile or an animated conversation.


Your family Thaler
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